Tackling food insecurity through

Capacity Building
of Small Holder

End to end farmer support from seed to market.

Our main focus

Empowering Women in agriculture to curb the food insecurity challenge.

Single Mothers
Farming Initiative

We seek to support marginalized single mothers in our Kajiado community by giving them access to work, learn the skills of running an agribusiness venture

3 Months

The women clock in daily to earn wages, and learn how to farm mushrooms as well as business and financial literacy.


We support the women for one year as they start their own business ventures to gain economic empowerment to support themselves and their children sustainably.

We Solve

Our Main Focus as an organization is SDG 2 - Zero Hunger

80% of food produced in Kenya is expected to come from Small Scale Farmers

6,000,000 ton

Huge losses from small-scale farmers caused by poor crop management practices.

Our Solutions


Building the farmer capacity in our model farm through demonstration and intensive training.


Partnering with players within the ecosystem to bring resources and opportunities to our farmer communities.


Advocating for quicker Agritech Adoption to help farmers produce more with less in the wake of climate change.

With adequate
end-to-end Support!

Small holder farmers production can increase towards food security

Quantitative Progress

0 %
Lowered Food Losses for farmers
0 %
More food produced per farmer
0 %
More food produced per farmer

Qualitative Progress

Wamalo Women's Group

Farmer on Fire helped us understand how to transform our subsistence farms into profit-making ventures

Wa-Kamau Lucy

By starting to keep records, I qualified for a bank loan to mechanize my farm

John Lunga

I transformed my idle backyard into a commercial vegetable garden

Our Team

Wangari Kuria

Founder & Lead Farmer

7 Years of work experience as a farm project manager.

Food system thought leader & an advocate for women and youth in Kenya.

Sarah John

Digital Farmer Community Manager

3 years
Leveraging on the power of popular social media networks to achieve our farmer community goals.

Kamau Ndung'u

Business Development Manager

9 years growth strategist on business expansion, partnerships and initiatives.

Joseph Mutava

Operations Manager

14 years work experience as a farm manager in crop & animal production recording sales and supervise personel.

Staicy Wanjiku

Sales & Marketing Manager

4 years of work experience tracking market development, creating strategies, and maintaining customer relations.

Achievements & Accolades

Our Partners

About Founder

We are committed to achieving the SDG of Zero Hunger. We are passionate and inspired to take on action to build the capacities of our local smallholder farmers.

Lack of Empowerment for farmers has led to huge losses and we hope to lower this rate by engaging and training our over 60,000 farmer communities.

Wangari Kuria - Founder &CEO



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